Basic Horse Supplement information

I am only going to give you some basic horse supplement information because there are a lot of different horse supplements on the market today that involves more than just vitamins.

A basic horse supplement is used for horses just as it is for us humans.
The reason for this is because the horses are not in the wild, they are closed in barns and pastures and Horses are now a domestic animal.

Wild horses verse domestic horses.

Wild horses eat plants that supply the vitamins that they need for their body. So when we have them as a domestic animal we take that nature away from them, and it is up to us as their food supplier to make sure they receive the proper diet and knowing about basic horse supplement is part of that diet.

Some types of supplements:

  •  joint supplements,
  • calming
  • performance,
  • horses coat
  • horses hooves
  • babies
  • mares with baby
  • senior horses
  • horse maintenance

The list just keeps going and growing,

So now you ask yourself,

“which horse supplements are best for my horse”? or

“would my horse even benefit from supplements”?

The first thing you should do is:

Talk with your vet to see if your horse would benefit from supplements, whether the supplements would be vitamins or something to help your horse’s joints or hair, skin, etc.

A lot of horses are just fine and get all their nutrient requirements just out of good quality hay, pasture, grains and a free choice mineral/salt block. Below is a list of the most common basic horse supplement information used in the horse industry. Click here to visit BioEquine.


The key ingredients in vitamins and minerals are,
the amino acid, vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium, zinc and ester C.
Always have good judgment with what your horse when giving vitamins/minerals, so he does not get an overload of a certain vitamin or mineral. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian for a recommendation on supplements.

Sand Colic

is the Psyllium ingredient used in sand colic. Sand colic supplements are used to remove sand out of the intestines, reducing the risk of sand colic.basic horse supplement


Skin & coat supplements are used for the improvement of your horse’s skin and coat.  Make sure your horse is fed a well-balanced diet for your horse’s skin and coat.


Provides a source of live naturally occurring microorganisms to maintain your horse’s digestive tract.

Probiotics keep a balance of good bacteria. Probiotics are recommended for several circumstances. Horses that are on antibiotics, after de-worming (not every de-worming is necessary), Horses under stress, traveling, hard keepers, etc.

basic horse supplement


Joint supplements are used for horses with joint issues or horses with a heavy workload. There are two main ingredients in joint supplements, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Glucosamine repairs and rebuilds the horse’s cartilage:
due to horse’s work overload or age.

Chondroitin sulfate is needed for the production of cartilage.
Chondroitin may decrease the destructive enzymes that can lead to cartilage destruction.


MSM (Methylsulfyl Methane) is sulfur that is necessary for the production of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen, which helps build cartilage and has also shown to protect tissues from damaging effects of stress and exercise. MSM is a product widely used for horses with a heavy workload of exercise and/or stress and may also help with inflation.

Pain supplements are used for the management as well, as much as it is used for the reduction of inflammation.

Weight builders: 

Weight builders are used by horse owner to increase the fat intake into your horse’s diet, for “hard keepers” and also used for performance horses to help improve muscle.basic horse supplement


Calming supplements are used to relieve stress and nerves and are used for things that may stress your horse out such as competing or traveling.


Respiratory supplements are used in managing and aiding horses with respiratory issues and are used to help a horse breath better.


Performance supplements help support the mental and physical performance as well as cardiovascular, immune and neurological, also helps with energy and stamina.


Horse supplements for senior horses are designed for in the areas they need it the most. Most senior supplements include immune, joint, digestive, etc..

 I am not a veterinarian, the information above is information I have learned and read up on and researched on and also from my own experiences.

The information that I provided in this article is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

My Mare Cinny (left) Her baby Taiga(right)
My Mare Cinny (left)
Her baby Taiga(right

Always be sure to check with your vet to find out the options best for you and your horse.

Thank You for the interest in Basic Horse Supplement Information.
I hope I have helped you with horse supplement needs.

Have any questions, please ask.   Leave comments, good or bad. Helps me to help you more if I know what changes on my site that I can make to improve.
 Thank You and Good Luck!                        Michelle