Horse First Aid Kit Supplies

Horse First Aid Kit Supplies, is, in my opinion, a good reminder for a to-do list that should be in every horse owner’s facilities year-round and kept up to date as well as a horse rider first aid kit.

horse first aid kit supplies

Also, I think you should carry a traveling horse first aid kit and a few things for the rider when riding because you never know what is going to happen, and I have had my share of incidents. Thank God nothing too seriously.

I was one of those riders that would saddle up and o riding and it never crossed my mind that an accident could happen and would need that horse first aid kit or a bandaid for myself. When you do go through some scary incidents you start preparing for the what-if.

Below I am sharing some of my incidents.

Sharing Some Of  My Incidents While Trail Riding With Others.


The reason I am telling you about the incidents in my life isn’t to bore you!
It’s to encourage you to put together your horse first aid kit if you don’t already have one.
I want you to think about how quickly life can change, and there are no warnings beforehand. 

1. My husband put his foot in the stirrup to climb on his horse, and all of a sudden, for no reason reared up. He fell back and his horse took off running. We finally caught him, his horse was fine, but the saddle wasn’t. Luckily we had an extra saddle in the trailer.

2. A friend of mine had a young horse tied inside her horse trailer, and the horse panicked and pulled the rope tight, and he fell and couldn’t get back up, and he was choking. So glad we were still there. We had a knife to cut the rope. She had another trailer tie.

3. I made plans with my sister to meet halfway on our horses so we could have a nice day to ride together. Well, unfortunately, our plans didn’t turn out the way we planned.

As we were about to meet, there was a big tall chain dog fence. About 4 big white on thick-haired dogs started to bark bi white long-haired dos jumped against the fence.

My sister’s horse stopped to look, and because they have ridden by the same dogs several times before. She kicked her horse to walk on, then all of a sudden he bucked and she went flying off and her horse ran in the woods.

Making sure my sister was ok. I took off in the woods on my horse to catch her horse. Her horse had a few scratches. The saddle was loose and upside down, but not broken. We were just a few seconds from my mom’s driveway that does way back in the woods, so I called her and she picked up my sister and I walked the horses to my mom’s.

Because my sister was too sore to ride home she called our cousin to bring her truck and trailer to haul her horse home and she rode in the truck with our cousin. I then rode my horseback to my house.

4. We have had a shoe loosen up on the hoof and had to have a tool to remove both of them.

5. I have had my horse kick another horse in the leg and scratch the other horse. It was just minor hair off, but she could have cut that horse’s leg and we would have needed medicine.

6. I have had a horse panic while tied beside the trailer and panic. She pulled back and was hanging herself. I had to cut my lead rope. I did have a spare inside the trailer though. In the process of trying to release my horse, I got a cut on my finger and rope burns, so I had to put antibiotic and bandaid on my finger.

Please take the time and prepare a first aid kit. It never hurts to be ready, but it might hurt if you are not prepared. Right?

My horse first aid kit supplies that I listed below are my personal preference in my barn. 

    • *bute* (phenylbutazone) VET PURCHASE ONLY     
    • syringe (for bute)
    • vetericyn wound spray/antibacterial wound ointment
    • liquid mild antibacterial soap
    • bottled water
    • leg wraps

bandage wrap (vet wrap)
sterile gauze pads (variety sizes)

    • bandage scissors, knife, clippers
    • rubber gloves
    • thermometer, vaseline
    • cold packs
    • bucket
    • weight tape
    • flashlight/batteries
    • horse first aid kit supplies

rubbing alcohol

  • iodine
    duck tape
  • eye treatment
  • Horse First Aid Kit Supplies
  • sheet cotton or roll cotton