All Around Horse Care

Do you know what horse care actually involves?

Horse care involves a lot of hard work and commitment. You really need to have a passion for horses to be able to buy a horse and keep love it for life. One way to find out if you just like horses or, if you really have that passion for horses, is to do one or all of the following.

Here are suggestions If You are interested in Buying A Horse….
…..Visit someone you know that has horses:

Help> clean stalls/pasture.
feed the horses.
Help clean and fill water care

haul the hay and stack it in the barn.
take the horses out of stall to pasture.
clean out their hooves.
brush the horses.
bath the horses.
with de-worming

Then you can go for a ride on one of their horses, if the work is all done and the weather doesn’t interfere.

Now The Money….got to think about caring for horses financially:
It is costly when caring for a horse.

Vet bill- once a year check, shots, emergencies in between.
Hoof trimming.
Hay, grain/supplements.
Bedding for stalls.

Now you know why it’s called all around horse care.
So many people see others ride and show and they like the horses, but they don’t realize the up keep to taking care of the horse.

After you try the suggestions above (only if you want to try them) and you are still wanting a horse. Then, go for it. Good Luck!

horse care

My Mare Cinny (left)
Her baby Taiga(right)

Your horse will show

his bright and beautiful spirit

when you show love and care that he deserves.