Difference between bridle and headstall. Many people don’t know the difference between bridle and headstall because they don’t have any interest in horses.

difference between bridle and headstall

That’s okay, I understand! That’s why I am going to explain the correct terms and basics. If you are interested in learning the difference between bridle and headstall, then please continue reading.

The difference between bridle and headstall is…

Headstall: The headstall is the headpiece only without the bit or reins attached. You cannot ride with it.

difference between bridle and headstall
Snaffle Bit

 A bridle: whether it is for pleasure, shows, western, English, dressage is the complete headset that has a bit that goes in their mouth with reins attached to hold and control the horse when riding.

Some bridles don’t have a mouthpiece.
There are many different styles and colors for different riding disciplines.

difference between bridle and headstall

Bits: A bit is a piece that goes in the horse’s mouth. The reins connect to it, and then you can communicate and control the horse. Bits, categorized into two groups,

Snaffle Bits: A Snaffle is a direct pressure bit
Curb Bits: The curb bit is a leverage bit with shanks.

Both types of bits can have a variety of different styles; some have a roller in the middle so the horse can play with it and be more content.
Bits, made out of stainless steel (the most common type), aluminum, copper, etc

difference between bridle and headstall
Hackamore>bitless bridle

Hackamore Bridle (No Bit):  people that don’t like to put bits in their horse’s mouth will use a hackamore with reins attached.

Styles can be two earpieces, one earpiece, browband, or just a plain strap that lays behind the ears. They can also have a throat latch strap that buckles behind the horse’s jaw.
The purpose 
of this strap is to keep the hackamore properly in place and for control. A properly trained horse with a hackamore will be easy to control.

A horse that has been riding with a bit should not ride with a hackamore unless you are an advanced rider. The reason for this is because the horse is not as easy to control without a bit, and they can put their head down easier to eat or run away with you.

Reins: Reins are long straps that connect on each side of the bottom part of the bit that you hold in your hand to control the horse. Like the other bridle pieces, they come in different styles and colors.

Tack/Equipment: Trainers at a show will use tack/equipment terms when speaking to their students. Which means, everything they have to put on their horse to ride, the bridle, blanket, saddle, etc. There are also other people who this term as welldifference between bridle and headstall


I hope you are no longer confused about bridles and headstalls.
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Difference Between Bridle And Headstall

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    This here folks really explains well what a headstall is for. Thanks for sharing this! Most newbies can’t distinguish the difference, much like me years back. Thanks to the folks over at https://ropingsupply.com/store/tack/headstalls/ , I have learned through the years the basics of equine equipment.

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