First Aid Supplies For Horses, is one thing that some horse owners tend to not make much of an effort to make one a priority in their barn.

I myself am quilty of not haveing a first aid supplies for horses in my barn.

The only thing we did was buy medicine when needed, like my horse getting eye allergies and treating it. Or antibiotic ointment on scratches and ect., until we had some major injuries to our horses and my sister’s horses. Accidents as we all know happen when you least expect it. I have shared a few major injuries below.

Here are 2 major accidents i have shared with you below and what could have changed the situation.

1. I tied my horse to a tree to eat grass while I worked outside. I thought I did a loose knot so if need be I could untie it quickly. My horse decides to lay down beside the tree and role. She tangled the rope and pulled it tight around her neck and was choking. I couldn’t release the rope, no one else was around and I had nothing to cut the rope with and release it.

Blood started coming from her eyes. I was shaking, crying, praying. The only alternative I had was to waste time and leave her to run in the house and grab a knife to cut her loose. So I did. I got the rope cut she stood up. I called the vet and they said she would be okay. I wasn’t caring a pocket knife.

2. My sister’s horse got tangled up in a wire around his leg. Cut his leg to the bone and bleeding all over. It was late at night, she could’nt get the vet out. She called us to grab some bandages that I had laying around. We went and helped her and finally got an emergency vet to come out. She didn’t have bandages to stop the bleeding.

I HIGHLY recommend caring a pocket knife at all times whenever you are around any horse.

What About packing up some first aid supplies when trail riding?

I will also admit that I have tacked up my horse and went riding with not even once thinking about taking a small first aid supplies for horses when trail riding.
Below I have shared 3 minor accidents with horses and what we were able to do by being prepared.

Sharing 3 minor accidents with horses while riding away from home

1. Riding our horses over to meet some friends at their house to trail ride. We got off our horses while they got their horses tacked up to go. When we were all getting on our horses husband put his foot in the stirrup to climb up on his horse, and for no reason his horse reared up and took off running leaving my husband on the ground. When we found his horse he was ok, but the saddle straps were damaged and couldn’t use it.Our friends had an extra saddle that fit my husbands horse for him to use.

2. A friend of mine had a young horse tied to a rope hooked inside her horse trailer. The horse panicked and pulled the rope, and he fell backward causing the rope to tighten and he couldn’t get back up. The rope was choking her horse. We had to cut the rope.She was prepared with a knife and a second rope.

3. I made plans with my sister to my horse and meet her halfway on her horse. Which was right next to our parents. As we were about to meet, There was a house that had a big tall chain links fence with 4 big white long thick-haired dogs started to bark and they ran and jump against the fence.

Her horse stopped and didn’t want to walk past the dogs. She has ridden by the same dogs several times before so she kicked her horse to walk on, then all of a sudden he bucked and she went flying off of her horse and her horse ran accross the road back in the woods.

I stopped to make sure my sister was ok. My sister called my mom to pick her up and I took off in the woods on my horse to catch her horse. Her horse had a few scratches. The saddle was loose and upside down, but not broken. I walked both horses to my parents and because my sister was to sore to ride her horse she had to call and have the trailer brought there to haul her horse back home and give my sister a ride back home.We both had phones and vehicle transportation.

The reason I am telling you about the incidents in my life isn’t to bore you!
It’s to encourage you to put together your first aid for horses (if you don’t already have one).

I want you, and your famiy, and all horses to be safe. There are no warnings beforehand. 

Your first aid supplies for horses can be put together by your personal preference in your barn. 
It’s also your personal preference on the trails.

  • bandage scissors, knife, clippers
  • rubber gloves
  • thermometer, vaseline
  • cold packs
  • bucket
  • weight tape
  • flashlight/batteries
  • rubbing alcohol
  • *bute* (phenylbutazone) VET PURCHASE ONLY     
  • syringe (for bute)
  • vetericyn wound spray/antibacterial wound ointment
  • liquid mild antibacterial soap
  • bottled water
  • leg wraps

List Of Supplies For Rider. Make Yours As You Prefer.

  • non-latex gloves
  • instant cold press
  • roll bandages (3 inches and 4 inches wide)
    bandaids (variety pack sizes)aspirin (81 mg)
    sterile gauze pads (assorted sizes)
  • antiseptic wipes
  • alcohol wipes
  • iodine
  • antibacterial ointment
  • adhesive cloth tape
  • absorbent compress dressages
  • tweezers
  • scissors

First Aid Supplies For Horses
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First Aid Supplies For Horses

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