Horse Chiropractic Care

Yes, Horses Need Chiropractic Adjustments!
Body adjustments are just as important for your horse as what you feed them.

I know! who would have thought you would need a horse chiropractor.
Not being knowledgeable about horse chiropractic care can result in……

Your horse’s health and attitude could be an issue as a result of pain and or displacement of the body. A lot of times the issue gets ignored or overlooked because the owner doesn’t think about calling a horse chiropractor and having an adjustment done on their horse.

Therefore, the owner doesn’t understand why their horse is not cooperating half the time. A horse will often be put up for sale because the owner believes their horse is dangerous. I don’t want you to sell your horse if all he needs is his hip or another part of his body given
an adjustment.

Please rule out every possibility that can be causing issues. Many times, a horse that is irritated or resistant may be in pain. Have your vet do an examination on your horse to rule out any physical issues, then go from there.

Horses can pull a muscle out simply by……

when they play with other horses. (they might trip and fall or just twist the wrong way)
Just being put out to pasture.

Horses hip and leg bones can pop out of place simply by……..
not properly exercising before, riding, or working.

Depending on the weather, where you live or how much time you have to spend exercising your horse determines how much your horse stays in shape.

Let’s say you live where you have ice and snow (like me) in the winter and no barn to ride inside. Your horse is outside doing nothing, but just eating and walking in their pasture during the day and in their stall at night. If there is a snowstorm, then they may be in their stall 24/7 for a couple of days.

Then finally spring gets here. Your horse feels better and has lots of energy. You’re excited to be able to ride again. You get your horse out and work him, not taking the time that’s needed to warm him up (everyone is guilty of this at one time or another).

After the long, but fun workday, you put your horse back in the pasture. The next day, when you get him out again, he’s sore and cranky and doesn’t want to listen to you…

Then you jerk on him (causing more issues), all because you didn’t take the time to warm him up properly. Now, put yourself in your horse’s position and ask yourself, if I had been the one out there yesterday how would I feel today?.

Probably sore and aching muscles and thinking, I need an adjustment. Your horse is NO different than you. Your horse gets tired and sore just as we do, so at the end of the day, you should give your horse the love and attention he deserves and has horse chiropractic care done on your horse.

Brushing your horse down will help him relax, ease his tension and circulate his blood flow. Kind of like getting a message.

If your horse continues having issues, there’s a good chance he may need to be adjusted.

Your vet may know good horse chiropractic or you can research and contact a chiropractor of your choice.
This is for informational purposes only. I am NOT a vet and this is NOT LEGAL advice.

Hopefully, I have helped you understand how important horse chiropractic care, and how it plays a role in horse health and care. 

I Wish You All The Best With Your Horse.     Michelle

Cinny with her boy

Cinny with her boy

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    Hi Cinny , I really enjoyed your website. Not being to fsmiliar with horses myself I found it a very easy read and informative from behaviors to nutrition. The only 2 things i could comment are , the font is kind of small and every time I switched pages the Horsetrak( i think that was it) banner came up. ind of got me off track . Otherwise very clean and easy on the eyes.

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