Horse First Aid Kit Supplies

Horse First Aid Kit Supplies, in my opinion, should be in every horse owner’s facilities year-round and kept up to date as well as a horse rider first aid kit.

You should carry a travel aid kit when riding. Never know what is going to happen, and I have had my share of incidents.

Sharing some Of  My Incidents While Trail Riding With Others.
The reason I am telling you about the incidents in my life isn’t to bore you!
It’s to encourage you to put together your horse first aid kit if you don’t already have one.

Sharing, a few of the accidents that I have experienced over the years, and these were not that tragic. I want you to understand how quickly life can change, and there are no warnings before the incident. 

* My horse reared up and took off running when getting ready to put my foot in the stirrup to ride. When we caught the horse, he was fine, but my saddle wasn’t.

* A friend of mine had a young horse tied inside the horse trailer, and the horse panicked and pulled the rope tight, and he fell and couldn’t et backup. He was choking. Luckily we were there to help her save her horse. We had to cut the rope with a knife.

* Made plans with my sister for us to meet each other on our horses as I saw her coming her horse got startled by a bunch of dos that ran and jumped on their fence and barking.

* Her horse reared up and she fell off, and her horse ran off. Making sure my sister was ok. I ran in the woods on my horse to catch her horse. The horse had a few scratches. The saddle was loose and upside down, but still on the horse.

* We have had a shoe loosen up on the hoof and had to take them off.

* I have had my horse kick another horse and scratch the other horse.

Please take out time and prepare a first aid kit. It never hurts to be ready, but it might hurt if you are not prepared. Right?

My horse first aid kit supplies to keep in the barn are items that I listed below. It’s a preference of what you have in your kit.

  • *bute* (phenylbutazone) VET PURCHASE ONLY     
  • syringe (for bute)
  • vetericyn wound spray/antibacterial wound ointment
  • liquid mild antibacterial soap
  • bottled water
  • leg wraps
  • bandage wrap (vet wrap)
    sterile gauze pads (variety sizes)
  • bandage scissors, knife, clippers
  • rubber gloves
  • thermometer, vaselinehorse first aid
  • cold packs
  • horse first aidbucket
  • weight tape
  • flashlight/batteries
  • rubbing alcohol
  • iodine
    duck tape
  • eye treatment
  • sheet cotton or roll cotton

List Of Supplies For Rider In The Barn

  • non-latex gloves
  • instant cold presshorse first aid
  • roll bandages (3 inches and 4 inches wide)
    bandaids (variety pack sizes)aspirin (81 mg)
    sterile gauze pads (assorted sizes)
  • antiseptic wipes
  • alcohol wipes
  • iodine
  • antibacterial ointment
  • adhesive cloth tape
  • absorbent compress dressages
  • tweezers
  • scissors

                                                                                                 Be Safe!                   Michelle

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