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Do you have the horse fly control products for your horse?

We all need to think about the horse fly control products for our horses for many reasons. pestcontrol 728x90

 Horses can have allergic reactions to the bites and be very uncomfortable, but it isn’t life-threatening.

The stings and bites and the itch from flies and insects are already too much for them.

                   Horse Fly Control Products To Consider. There are so many styles and colors and brands to choose from.
sheets (thin breathable blanket for your horse)
mask (comes in lots of color and designs)

Compare the best price and product online.
Equestrian Collections
eBay.comfly products
Your local feed store

You should at least have a fly mask to protect the face.

I know all fly products are essential for your horse, but I think that fly masks are even more important for your horse.
The reason I say this is because I had a mare that had allergies.

When the flies crawled around her eyes, they would swell almost closed and get watery, And in the corner of her eyes would fill up with thick yellow discharge.

Fly mask:  Fly mask prevents flies from irritating your horse’s eyes.

Fly sheets:  Fly sheets are similar to fly mask, but are used to protect their body, and are breathable to allow air flow.

Use good judgment of the temperature and weather conditions when using fly sheets. For example, on hot, humid days because of sweating.

Fly spray:   spray is used to spray your horse’s body to help keep the flies away. It is good to research different fly sprays to find out which option is best for your horse. The natural fly spray is a great alternative too.

Fly strips:  These are great to hang around the barn or in your horse’s stall to help reduce flies.

Natural, low-cost ways to keep the flies away.
Avon Skin So Soft
citronella oil
Apple cider vinegar (ACV):  This is a great all natural way to use for fly repellent, and there are also many other benefits from using ACV for horses, but that will be for another post. 

Different ways you can use apple cider vinegar. (any brand)

Water tank:  You can put ACV in your horse’s water tank. Start out with 1/4 cup per 50 gallons and may increase up to 1 cup per 6 gallons.

ACV produces higher levels of thiamine (vitamin B) in your horse and excretes through their skin, repelling insects off your horse.

 Spray:  You can make an all natural fly spray using ACV. 50/50 part ACV and water.

Grain:  Use up to a 1/4 cup of ACV over your horse’s grain once a day. You may want to start out using less to make sure your horse is okay with it.

Fabric Softener Sheets:  I have personally used fabric softener sheets on my horses when I ride. In my experience, I saw a reduction of flies and mosquitoes on my horse.

All you have to do is take a sheet and rub it all over your horse where flies and other insects are a nuisance, and another way is to tie strips of fabric softener to your bridle, reins or saddle.
I can not assure this is a guarantee to work.

Cheap Tarps:

Is a cheap and easy way to DIY your horse fly control products

caution; make sure your horse is not scared of tarps if they are you may want to work with them.

Using Tarps:  Tarps can be a great way to keep the flies off your horse and can also be a desensitize tool as well (be cautious when handling tarps if your horse has never been around one).

horse fly control products

My Mare Cinny (left)
Her baby Taiga(right)

All you need is a small cheap one. You can find one at your local Dollar Store.

Fasten the tarp at the top of the barn door.
Let sides and bottom hang freely.

Starting at the bottom of the tarp and work your way close to the top. Cut into strips. It doesn’t matter what size or you can leave the tarp without cutting. Just to let you know It will frail and tear if you are concerned about the look.

As the horses walk through the tarp, the strips will lay on the horses, and it rubs the flies or insects off.

Also, hang a tarp in the horse pasture for them to walk underneath.

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Thank You for reading my post. Have a great day.    Michelle


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8 thoughts on “Horse Fly Control Products

  • Hannah

    My friend would find this website fascinating as she’s very into horses. I’ve always wondered about if there was a way to keep the flies away from the horse’s face. It must get annoying for the horse and the human when they’re buzzing around their face all the time.

    I will show my friend your site. She will love it. Keep up the good work.

  • Michelle Post author

    Hi Hannah

    Thank You for the wonderful comment. That would be great to have this site shared.

  • Kerry

    I love summer but I definately don’t like the flies and where I have my horses agisted the flies get quite bad. I love to use natural products at home but have never tried it on my horses but I will definately be trying your suggestions. I really like natural/home made as you know what is going into the product. Cheers Kerry

  • Michelle Post author

    I like the natural products too. Thank you for your feedback on my post. Please let me know how you like my suggestions after you try them.


  • NemiraB

    Hello here. It is nice to read your article because horses were my passion. Back in the Europe where we lived we did not have any problems with flies. Of course, some of them bothered horses when we rode them outside. Mostly we rode them inside because school had indoor place, a huge one.
    Overall flies can be annoying, especially when is hot and no wind around.
    I see that your offered products can perform well. There are places where nobody can escape these nasty insects. I would prefer mask which covers areas around eyes and ears.
    I read the story about Cinnamon on your website. It is touching and inspiring story about care and love.
    All the best to you and your horses, Nemira.

  • Michelle Post author

    Thank you Nemira. That was very nice of you. Nice to meet you. And all the best to you as well. Michelle

  • Garrett

    I live in the country and flies are constant problem for my horses. I just been searching around for the right product to put a stop to it. Flies are a problem, they look bad on the horses and they annoy me when i’m riding my horses. I just hate the buzzing sound. Which product you think works best?

  • Michelle Post author

    The fly masks with the ears works great. All brands are good. They are making so many different kinds now with designs and styles. I seen now they have a thinner fly mask that you can now ride with. I like the natrual spray and I also like using fabric softener sheets. tie them in your headstall next to their ears. I don’t know about where you live but here in Michigan we have those flies called deer flies.

    Horrible around the horses face when riding in the woods. I also like to put apple vinger in their water. is a good place to check it all out.