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Hello, I would like to introduce you to,
HorseLoverz Online Tack Shop.
The World’s Largest Online Tack Shop

Auction with over 2500 products!

HorseLoverz online tack shop for all your equine needs and products.
They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and stands behind their products.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the new, unused item and they will refund, replace or exchange it within 30 days of your receipt.

Horse/Rider Products:

Western Saddles & Tack horseloverz online tack shop

> Western Saddles                        Stirrups                                         Accessories
Bridles &Headstalls                       Hackamores & More
Saddle Pads                                    Saddle Bags
Spurs & Rowels                              Martingales &More
Roping                                             Western Reins
Bits                                                   Cinches & Girths

English Saddles & Tack

> English Saddles                            Harnesses
English Bits                                      Stirrups & Irons
Bridles                                              Girths
Saddle Pads                                     Breast Plates & Martingales
English Spurs                                   Stirrup Leathers
English Reins

Horse Equipment

> Halters                                            Polo WrapsHorseLoverz Online Tack Shop
Whips & Crops                                  Lead Ropes & Shanks
Training Equipment                         Shipping & Protection
Muzzles & Cribbing                          Bandages & Wraps
Horse Boots                                       Studs & Plugs
Bell Boots

Health Care

> Fly & Insect Control                         Liniments & Poultices
Horse Dewormer                                First Aid
Vitamins & Supplements                    Antiseptics
Grooming Supplies                             Horse Therapy
Hoof Care

Blankets & Sheets

> Blankets

Barn & Stable Supplies

> Barn & Stable
Tack Room

Apparel & Footwear

> Cowboy Boots
Rider Footwear
English Boots
English Apparel
Rider Apparel
Western Apparel

Gifts & Jewelry

Perfect place to shop for the horse loverz. Jewelry, toys, games, home decor purses and so much more.


> 3M
Ariat Accessories
Professionals Choice
& Much More


NEW Over 2500 products. Bid Now! 

I definitely recommend HorseLoverz auction. They have many products to choose from. I have won many items off of their auction site and so far I am very satisfied with the products.

More Info…

They sell pet supplies: 

For dogs cats as well as wild birds.

Farm & feed supplies:

for all your livestock needs.

Lawn & garden.

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Please ask if you have any questions.

Best regards! Michelle

12 thoughts on “HorseLoverz Online Tack Shop”

  1. I really love your website. It includes all of thee horses’ products in just one site, i really do not have to go to another site. I love horses but unfortunately i do not own one hehe. Maybe in future i surely will own one and i definitely know where i will come in case i need to know where i am going to access horse’s products.

  2. Thank you for the awesome comment! Hope your able get a horse someday. Wish you all the best!

  3. Wow
    You have the most horse products in one place which I have ever experienced, you must have just about anything a person with a horse might need on your website.

    I love horses and one day I hope to own some of my own, is taking care of horses very expensive to do. Are you equipment to supply everything someone would need when starting to raise horses, be great to be able shop for everything in one place.

  4. Thank You! I hope you are able to get some horses. They can be costly, but it depends on a lot of different things. Like, where you live and what the going price is there. depends on what you do with the horses, whether just trail riding or showing. Yes you can get anything you need to supply your horses needs and the rider.

  5. What a great website, looks like you have pretty much everything covered. I am a horsey person and I don’t think that I have seen one website with so many things covered. I especially like the western tack, that was something that I always had an issue with getting as I live in Western Australia and western is not really that big here, unfortunately. Love it 🙂

  6. Hi Kerry, Thank you so much for the great comment. I know I have seen the saddles from Australia. Do you know Clinton Anderson?. He is a horse trainer and he is from Australia, but not sure what part. Keep in touch.


  7. Hi.

    Your website is very well laid out and easy to navigate. I think it is wonderful that you have anything you could want for horse lovers; even down to jewelry. It is one stop shopping at it’s best.

    I love horses. I used to have horses but not anymore and I miss them; but I live in town now. Maybe some day I will own a horse again. It is great to know that I will have a place to shop if I do.


  8. When I came across this site, I knew it was my kind of website. I actually have a website about horse training. I’ve had horses for over 45 years. I used to raise and train horses as well. This has been my passion for so long, I love it! I assume you have your own horses. What breeds do you like? I like the fact that you did an article on nutrition. Good feed is so important. A lot of people overlook the benefits of good nutrition. After raising horse for so long, I have come to know the benefits. I appreciate your website. Thanks, Jim

  9. Hi Jeannie, nice to meet you. thank you for your nice comment. im glad you liked it. i hope that you are able to get another horse.


  10. Hi Jim, thank you for your comment. i am so glad you liked it. yes we have horses, we have had for years. we have arabs, and quarter horses. also a baby pony for the little grandkids. i had to have my 30 year old mare put down last year. i have a paint mare that is pregnant. had her bred to my cousins quarter horse. my daughter trains horses, i do some too, but not as much. she also give kids lessons. take care and thanks again.


  11. I grew up with horses but never had the variety in one place that you have on this website. Shops for tack were always far away and you could never find it all at one place.

    Pity the internet wasn’t around then as it would have made our lives so much easier. Shopping online is just so convenient.

  12. I know, I love shopping online. lol especially for horses. thank you for commenting on my article.

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