Importance Of Horse Chiropractic Adjustment! Let’s talk about that!
First of all, I want to ask…Does your horse need a chiropractic adjustment? Or is it something else causing your horse discomfort.

does your horse need chiropractic care?

The importance of horse chiropractic adjustment has been overlooked by horse owners for years. I was unfortunately one of them until I had a horse that had her hip popped out of place.

Why Is My Horse Having A Nasty Attitude Towards Me And Not Cooperating?
He has never acted like this before!

The importance of horse chiropractic adjustment may or may not be what your horse needs. There could be lots of reasons, and it is up to you to figure it out. A horse’s bones can move out of alignment from any movement. Whether they are playing with a buddy or exercising. 

Also, it could be challenging if you live where the winters miserable. In Michigan, the weather is insane. Winters make for fat, miserable, lazy horses. Unless you are fortunate to have an indoor arena.

When spring rolls around, it’s important to remember that your horse isn’t going to want to exercise at first. You should start out easy with your horse because his muscles, bones,  and tendons will be stiff, but If you are impatient and run your horse hard and for a long time, I can almost guarantee that your horse is not going to like you the next day.

That my friend is definitely going to give your horse a nasty attitude towards you.

Ok, Think About It This Way, How Would You Feel?

Let’s say you sat around for months with no exercise. Then finally, spring gets here. You feel better and go outside to start cleaning up the yard after a long winter.

Are you going to run around as fast as you can, bending over and picking up trash and pull and drag whatever didn’t get put away before winter, like, picnic table, chairs, tires, etc.? Or are you going to take your time so you don’t overdo at once?

I know I wouldn’t because I know if I do I am going to be extremely sore the next morning and not want to move and work the next morning because of sore and aching muscles and thinking, I need an adjustment. Right?

As I said earlier your horse is NO different than you or I just because they are an animal and they are supposed to handle and take whatever comes their way.
They hurt and feel too.

Take The Time And Pay Attention To Your Horses Body Language.

  • Stand quietly and watch his movements. Does he favor any part of his body? (body language).
  • Then lightly slowly move the palm of your hands on your horse’s body. If there is any kind of soreness or tenderness he will flex and look at that spot to show you that he does have something going on.does your horse need chiropractic care?

Is It Possibly The Riding Equipment?

If he shows signs of soreness where his tack sits then you should check to make sure nothing is wrong with any of your tack. Even if it’s the tack, you have always used. A horse’s body can change, or your saddle could have a screw come loose, etc.

Could The Attitude Be From His Teeth?

Another option is to have your horse’s teeth looked at for sharp points or even a loose tooth.
And of course, you are going to want to share this with your vet/chiropractor. if he gets the green light with everyone and your horse’s attitude stays bad, then maybe he just needs an attitude adjustment.

Your horse gets tired and sore just as we do, so at the end of the day, you should give your horse the love and attention he deserves.
You know brushing your horse will help him relax, ease the tension in his body, and circulate his blood flow — kind of like getting a message.

Always discuss your thoughts and issues with your vet about your horse before taking advice from other people. Your vet may know a good horse chiropractor that they can recommend to you or research and contact a chiropractor of your choice.
 This article is for informational purposes only. I am NOT a vet, and this is NOT LEGAL advice.

You can also check out my page on Western Saddle Fitting Issues.

does your horse need chiropractic care?

Hopefully,  you now have an understanding of how horse chiropractic adjustments could play a role in horse health and care.
I Wish You All The Best With Your Horse.     Michelle

Importance Of Horse Chiropractic Adjustment

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