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  1. Hi there thanks for the showcasing of online stores here. I’ve moved to Southeast Asia for a year already, and the rainy climates have been driving me crazy! Back in Europe I had my jockey boots that worked like a dream when it comes to water resistant. Now in a warmer country I guess I need to find a pair of water resistant boots that’s also not very hot inside. Thanks for the recommendation and hopefully I will find a solution to the sweating issues here! Cheers.

  2. I have always loved horses and to be able to learn a little about what they need, the proper nutrition, what they should be fed it is a very interesting topic, as I was looking on your website I have noticed an article about the basic hay and grain and to be honest sometimes we take things for granted without truly understand the quality of each one and what they can or cannot offer as far as nutrition is concerned. 
    MY cousin has a horse in England and I always wanted to have one, still can afford it yet but I will make sure to pass your website address to her. She’ll love it

  3. Oh goodness! Thanks for the comment. All the best to you in Asia. Michelle

  4. Thank you. You are so right! We just assume that the feed we buy is good for them without reading what is in it.

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