You Never Have Enough Horse Knowledge

 You never have enough horse knowledge due to research, they are
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never have enough horse knowledge
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Even if you have been in the horse industry for 30 years, you never have enough horse knowledge.
The best way to be safe and have fun with your horse is to learn all the information you can.

Taking care of your horse is much more than just throwing out hay or riding, or cleaning up after them. 

  • Your horse’s feeding requirements to have a well-balanced diet. (Know what your horse is missing in nutrition)
    Dental Care.
    Chiropractic Care.
    Hoof Care.

It is so important to take the time and bond with your horse, so you both have the trust of communication. You can learn so much by sitting and watching your horse eat or watching him communicating with other horses. Standing and brushing your horse relaxes and comforts your horse. It may sound crazy to some people but in the summer.

I put a halter and lead on my horse, and we go for a walk down the road.
Yes, that’s right, I walk on the ground beside her instead of riding. She enjoys it as well as I do. You should try it sometime!

Also, know how to be the boss of your horse instead of your horse being the boss of you.

I’m not saying you have to become an expert trainer. What I am saying is it’s better to learn some basic training so that you correct your horse the right way, so there is no confusion and causing more damage than good. Something as simple as lunging 15 minutes.
It keeps them from getting pushy and treat you as he would another horse. You can also show your horse different objects and different sounds.

Which keeps him from being nervous and jumpy when you are riding. You can have someone else work with your horse if you can’t.
I can never stress enough about knowledge because a lack of information can end up getting you or someone else seriously hurt. I would like you to have a good experience, not a bad one.

Never have enough horse knowledge

There are several ways to get training information. 

Books:  purchase online/in-store (books are a good investment because they are always around when you need a reference to turn to.)
Classes: seminars or clinics around your area.
DVDs: purchase online(also a good investment, especially if you learn better by watching.)
Satellite T.V.: RFD or RIDE channel.
YouTube: watch YouTube videos.

Thank You for reading my page on You Never Have Enough Horse Knowledge.
This article is to provide tips ONLY. I can not be held accountable for any mishaps.
am not a vet or a qualified trainer.

All the best to you! If you have any questions, *Please Ask*.
Good Luck and remember “Be Safe”!!!  “Have Fun”!!! “Be The Boss”!!!       Your Friend Michelle