You Never Have Enough Horse Knowledge


Hello, I would like to thank you for stopping by and being interested in your horse knowledge.

I would like to encourage everyone to continue researching because…..
There is Never enough Knowledge on horses.

There will always be new knowledge to learn about horses. Even if you have been in the horse industry for 30 years, you will always be learning something new, because things are always changing. New research or new methods.

The best way to be safe and have fun with your horse is to learn all the information you can. Below are a few ways you can learn more…

Books:  purchase online/in-store (books are a good investment because they are always around when you need a reference to turn to.)Classes: seminars or clinics around your area.
DVDs: purchase online/in-store (also a good investment especially if you learn better by watching.)
Satellite T.V.:  RFD channel or RIDE.
YouTube: watch YouTube videos.


To horse owners, you should learn all the basic knowledge and management to care for your horses.

Taking care of your horses is much more than just feeding, riding and cleaning up after them. You need to also consider health care and management as well as knowing your horse’s feeding requirements to have a well-balanced diet.

There is also dental care (YES! there is such thing as a horse dentist).
Also, don’t forget about chiropractic care.



His name is Taiga

I don’t want to leave out the training part. You can learn to work with your horse on basic ground training. It keeps them from getting pushy and treat you as he would another horse. Also showing your horse different objects and different sounds.

That keeps him from being nervous and jumpy when you are riding. You can have someone else work with your horse if you can’t.

I can never stress enough about knowledge because a lack of information can end up getting you or someone else seriously hurt. I would like you to have a good experience, not a bad one.

This article was written to provide tips ONLY. I can not be held accountable for any mishaps. I am not a vet or a qualified trainer.

All the best in your search! If you have any questions,      *Please Ask*knowledge

Good Luck and remember “Be Safe”!!!    Your Friend Michelle

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10 thoughts on “You Never Have Enough Horse Knowledge

  • Torrey

    I once had a horse named Sadie. She was a wild demon. And would buck and kick everytime I got on her. I spent hours and hours riding her and teaching her all kinds of things. I even taught her to stand on a round table. Then jump off without knocking the table over. I took her from a wild filly to tame as a kitten in about 6 months. Even kids could ride her. Your right Horses are buddies. Torrey

  • Michelle Post author

    Hi Torrey, it’s nice to meet you. That is nice to hear your story. I would have to say that you put a lot of work into her. To get her to balance on a table and jump off. It takes a lot for a horse to trust a human when they are wild like that. thank you. best success. Michelle

  • Davby

    Wow! Such a great and informative post! I reckon it’s definitely not something many people would know about regarding horses and how to properly care for them.|
    My boss loves horses and owns a couple, I should share the with her!
    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • Michelle Post author

    Hi David

    thank you so much for your feedback. good way to start out my mornin. I havent heard that word in a while (reckon)lol. i love it! yea let your boss know.


  • ariefw

    I guess you are right.
    When you want to have an animal as your pet, you need to know everything about it.

    From sheltering, giving food, training, medical situations, and everything else concerning the animal.

    After browsing your site, I can safely say a horse is not for me. I think I will keep my eyes on smaller animals like dogs or cats.

  • Michelle Post author

    Hi ariefw

    LOL horses are a lot of work, but i do love it though.

    thank you Michelle

  • Daniella

    Hi Michelle,

    What a nice and interesting article, I was absorbed by the reading!
    You are right we never stop learning about horses because as you have mentioned in your article, there is always new methods. I personally think that the most important things are love and patience with these beautiful creatures:)
    I always thought that I need to teach my horse how to behave and do some stuff, but I found out that the one who was teaching, was my horse:) Yes, they teach us so many things, it is unbelievable. This animal is so intellectual and elegant. I love horses:)
    Thank you for this excellent post!

  • Michelle Post author

    Hi Daniella

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. They also help keep your blood pressure down. At least they have for me. lol. Again thank you.

  • ches

    This brings back memories for me. I used to teach riding in my younger days and have owned a few horses in my time.
    When my daughters were young, they both wanted a pony and that’s how I got into horses. I decided to learn about them so my girls could get the best out of their equine friends.
    We did all the usual stuff, showing, eventing, long distance riding and it was a good period in my daughter’s lives. It taught them to be responsible and respect their charges as well as all other animals.
    You’re certainly right about never knowing all there is to know about equines. It is a huge and gratifying subject. Owning a horse is 95% looking after and just 5% riding! Ches

  • Michelle Post author

    Hi Ches

    Thank You for viewing my site. yea it is a lot more work then you ride. They taught our daughter the same responsibilities. She went through the equestrian for 4 years and now we have small grand kids. Very nice to meet you.